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Eco-Justice: "the well-being of all humankind on a thriving Earth"


Eco-Justice Ministries ended all programming on July 31, 2020, when Rev. Peter Sawtell retired as Executive Director.
Core pieces of this site will be preserved for several years as an archive of writings, resources and programs.

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Mission Statement

Eco-Justice Ministries is an independent, ecumenical agency that helps churches answer the call to care for all of God's creation, and develop ministries that are faithful, relevant and effective in working toward social justice and environmental sustainability.
Eco-Justice Ministries helps churches "go green"
Why? Because it is good for the church, good for the movement, and good for Earth!
Doing the basics
These days, every church needs to meet their community's general standards for environmental responsibility -- taking basic steps such as energy efficiency, recycling. This isn't a matter that takes lots of theological reflection. It is what any organization should be doing as responsible citizens and to be good stewards of the church budget.

Eco-Justice Ministries will help you select some of the most effective places to start greening your church. We can help you communicate with your congregation about what you're doing, and why.

Leadership and action
Churches that are serious about caring for creation will look for ways to go beyond the basics. They will start to bring environmental theology into their worship and education. They will make investments in conservation that have a longer pay-back. They will engage in public witness about important issues.

Eco-Justice Ministries will guide you through an assessment process that will highlight ways to strengthen and expand your church program. We'll provide resources to enhance education and deepen theological reflection. We'll identify issues and strategies for public witness and political action.

Transformational ministry
The modern crises of ecological devastation and social injustice are all symptoms of humanity's deeply flawed relationship with the Earth community. Transformational churches provide prophetic witness and genuine hope when they proclaim a vision of the good life grounded in sufficiency, community, justice and joy.

Eco-Justice Ministries provides theological and scientific insights that lead to changes in values and worldviews. We train church leaders in the qualities of transformational ministry. We have resources about voluntary simplicity and global community. We work with intentional churches to develop compelling and effective ways of being the church. Eco-Justice Ministries encourages all churches to move toward transformative ministry.


"We believe that caring for creation must undergird, and be entwined with, all other dimensions of our churches' ministries. We are convinced that it is no longer acceptable to claim to be 'church' while continuing to perpetuate, or even permit, the abuse of Earth as God's creation."
-- God's Earth is Sacred: an open letter to church and society, National Council of Churches, 2005

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Eco-Justice Ministries ended all programming on July 31, 2020. This site is an archive of writings and resources.
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