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Climate Strike 2019

On Friday, September 20, 2019, communities around the world will join in a Global Climate Strike. Building on the remarkable pattern of student strikes, people of all ages will stop work, leave homes, break routines, and join together in calling for rapid action on climate justice.

Eco-Justice Ministries invites and encourages people of faith to take part in the September strikes.

  • Actively recruit members of the congregation to join the events on Friday. (A listing of strike events across the US is now on-line.)
  • Use church services on Sunday the 22nd to tell moral truth about the great climate emergency.

This page has suggestions and resources to help congregations with two possible ways of bringing the strike into Sunday worship. This page will be updated and expanded frequently in the weeks leading up to the Global Climate Strike.

Please let us know if your congregation will be doing anything related to the Global Climate Strike during worship time that weekend. Email Eco-Justice Ministries with the name and location of your congregation, and contact information for a key leader -- even if you're only exploring options right now. Thanks!

Some recent Eco-Justice Notes have dealt with this topic

One of our proposals is that churches "take a strike from the Lectionary readings for the day", and draw on other voices from science and faith communities. Churches that are taking part in the Season of Creation from September 1-October 6 will already be using an alternative set of readings with a focus this year on wisdom in creation. The theme for September 22 is "Cosmos Sunday" -- worship planners will have to be intentional about bringing the climate crisis and the global strike into that Sunday's liturgy.

Possible sources for contemporary readings (more links and text coming soon)


  • "We Are On the Move" (see below)
  • "Do It Now"
    Sing for the Climate is a big singing manifestation that first took place on September 22 and 23 2012 in Belgium. More than 80.000 people in more than 180 Belgian cities and communities sang the song "Do it Now", urging politicians to take more ambitious climate measures both on local, national and international level. See a video from Sing for the Climate

Check back soon for more details!

We Are On the Move
Tune: We Shall Not Be Moved (No Nos Moveràn)
New words by Rev. Allyson Sawtell ©2019
Sing this only if you really mean it and will do it!

  1. We're striking for the planet. We are on the move. (Repeat)
    Just like a river, flowing and unstoppable
    We are on the move.

  2. We're striking for the future. We are on the move. (Repeat)
  3. We'll do way more than singing! We are on the move. (Repeat)
  4. We're going to fight the systems that tear apart our Earth (Repeat)
  5. We're going to keep on working, never giving up (Repeat)
  6. We're all in this together and we are on the move (Repeat)

NOTES for We Are On the Move:

  • The music came from the old African American song "I Shall Not Be Moved." The words were changed to "We shall not be moved" for use by textile workers, and later the Spanish version ("No Nos Mover&agrqave;n") came from the United Farm Workers, and a Salvadoran union organizer who sought sanctuary in the US. -- "Rise Up Singing" a Sing Out Publication, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • This song can still be sung even after the Global Climate Strike in September 2019. In the grand tradition of folk songs, simply change a few words in verse 1 & 2 change "striking" to "fighting" or "working"

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