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Cluster Meetings in November, 2008

As a part of our outreach to churches in Colorado, Eco-Justice Ministries holds occasional "cluster meetings" at a variety of sites. These meetings are occasions for worship and fellowship, for leadership training, issue education, and networking among church leaders.

In November, 2008, we will be sponsoring gatherings in five different locations along the Front Range. The expansion of our cluster meetings in 2008 is underwritten by a grant from the Wolcott Family Foundation.

You may download a PDF file with this information in a bulletin-insert size layout.

You are invited to a free workshop ...
Greening Your Church

Churches from across the theological spectrum are recognizing the importance of caring for God's creation. Congregations that are faithfully "greening" their programs bring environmental perspectives into their worship and education, as well as their building management.

Eco-Justice Ministries invites you to join with people from other churches in your community to learn about educational aspects of "greening" your church. We'll look at specific curriculum resources, and explore a much wider range of ways in which teaching and learning motivate us in environmental stewardship and love of God's creation. Some of those other contexts for education include sermons and children's sermons, church publications, fellowship events, signs and posters around the building, and music programs. There is lots to explore, and we encourage workshop participants to share stories of successful projects in their own congregations.

This meeting is suitable for pastors and educators, "green team" members, and anyone in the congregation who has a specific environmental interest. It will be helpful for churches that have established environmental programs, and for those who want to take some first steps in that direction.

Join us at any of these locations, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

  • Denver - Monday, November 10
    First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette St [ map ]

  • Littleton - Wednesday, November 12
    Columbine United Church, 6375 S Platte Canyon Rd [ map ] or [ directions ]
    The driveway for the church is on Christensen Lane, on the southwest corner of the church.

  • Boulder - Thursday, November 13
    First Congregational United Church of Christ, 1128 Pine St. [ map ]

  • Fort Collins - Monday, November 17
    Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 E. Stuart St. [ map ]

  • Colorado Springs - Tuesday, November 18
    Faith Presbyterian Church, 1529 N. Circle Dr. [ map ]

We would appreciate -- but don't require -- an RSVP with word about which session you will attend. You may call us at 303-715-3873, or send an email to

Eco-Justice Ministries helps churches develop programs that are faithful, relevant and effective in supporting environmental sustainability and social justice. Eco-Justice Ministries, an ecumenical non-profit agency, is an associate member of the Colorado Council of Churches.

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