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distributed 2/8/01 - ©2001

A week ago, I wrote about the notion of "necessary and sufficient" factors for change, and how we in the church play a necessary role in efforts for eco-justice. That firm hunch was reinforced by some reading this week.

A Canadian sociologist pointed me toward a book that addresses the ways in which values, beliefs and worldviews help shape behavior. The authors wrote:

But even though proenvironmental shifts in moral/ religious/ value/ belief systems can bring about little change in behavior and environmental improvement by themselves, this sort of change can still be a critical part of the solution to the problem of the commons. Thus, change in values and worldviews may be an important stimulus for public concern, arousal, and political action
The book also presented some fascinating research about which sorts of values inspire behavioral responses, and which stay at the level of thought and feeling. I'll share more of that after I've had a chance to digest and discuss those ideas!

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The first part of a new feature has just been added to our website ( We're developing a "quotation bank" with a rich diversity of pithy quotes that can both inspire us and increase our understanding.

The feature added today picks a random quote for the collection a fun way to be surprised by a new (or sometimes old) thought. Very soon, we'll be loading the software that will allow users to browse through the entire collection, search for a particular word, pick quotes by author, or see quotes grouped into thematic sets.

We'd appreciate your help in building up our collection of quotations. As you go about your reading, pass along to us those words that capture the deep essence of a complex idea with grace and power.

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Speaking of passing along words

Experts in church growth (and secular advertising, too) tell us that the most effective way to spread a message is by word of mouth, where people tell their friends about what they find good and meaningful.

If one of these e-mail notes from Eco-Justice Ministries says something important to you, we hope that you'll feel free to forward the message to your friends and colleagues. We want to expand our network of people working together for the good of all of God's creation. Your passing along of messages is a quick and easy way to help build this movement.


Peter Sawtell
Executive Director
Eco-Justice Ministries

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