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The quotation library currently contains 434 quotations and excerpts from a wide variety of authors and sources. They have been gathered together to assist you in understanding and communicating principles important to eco-justice in a church context.

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See the bottom of this page for information on copyright and fair use of these quotations.

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The quotes contained in this collection have been gathered from numerous sources. In selecting these short pieces of text, it has been our intention to meet the "fair use" provisions of US copyright law. While those provisions are notoriously vague, we believe that these quotations: (1) are short enough to be considered "minor extracts", and (2) do not constitute the "core" of the parent works. Further, the way these quotations are presented precludes their being indexed by Internet search engines, which limits the sense in which any quotation is "published".

If the copyright holder for any source work from which a quotation was taken belives our use to be a violation of the fair use provision, we encourage you to contact us with your concerns.

We encourage the visitors to our website to make use of these quotations in building their understanding of eco-justice, and in non-commercial uses such as sermons, church bulletins and newsletters.

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