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   Eco-Justice: "the well-being of all humankind on a thriving Earth"


Worship is the central and distinctive act of the church. When we gather to worship and praise God, we express the deepest levels of who we are as individuals and a community. We orient ourselves toward that which is most important -- toward God's purposes. In worship, the community of faith is nurtured in its belief and practice.

A congregation that is theologically committed to eco-justice -- or is striving for that commitment -- will bring that awareness and perspective into the worship life of the church on a regular basis. If eco-justice is not reflected in the worship life of a congregation, that is an indicator that those commitments are not deeply held or theologically grounded.

This page is an index to resources that will help you bring an eco-justice faith perspective into the worship life of your congregation.

We encourage suggestions for resources to list on this page, and we invite authors and composers to submit original works for posting on this site.

Background articles and resources from Eco-Justice Ministries:
Quick tips for Worship - from the staff of Eco-Justice Ministries, some basic tips, pointers and suggestions about bringing eco-justice into congregational worship.

In 2013, a Lenten series of Eco-Justice Notes explored seven qualities of worship that is richly ecological and transformational. This series provides an in-depth consideration of what must be done -- through liturgy, and beyond Sunday morning -- to develop experiences that connect profound worship with the state of the world. (1) Worship and Awe, (2) Worship and Listening, (3) Worship and Lament, (4) Worship and Confession, (5) Worship and Imagination, (6) Worship and Commitment, (7) Worship and Joy

Three Layers of Environmental Preaching - this short article discusses the diversity of forms of environmental preaching, and illustrates the variety by reference to some of our Eco-Justice Notes. We hear that this article has been very helpful to preachers, and to church members who are encourging their pastor to preach on the topic.

A Short Story About Silence - Many church people report that they have never heard a sermon about caring for creation. This very brief article illustrates what is communicated when the subject is never mentioned.

Our congregational assessment tools raise questions to help you evaluate your church's worship life. We propose suggestions about worship content and style in relation to our Greening Your Church materials: Getting Started & Doing the Basics,   Leadership & Action, and Transformational Ministry.

Liturgical resources

Sermons by Rev. Peter Sawtell, Executive Director of Eco-Justice Ministries

Music and Hymns

Links to worship resources beyond this site

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