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Ministry in a Time of Drought
Suggestions for local congregations

Colorado is the "home base" for Eco-Justice Ministries. While we work in partnership with churches across the US and around the world, we have an especially close relationship with many churches in the Rocky Mountain region. This resource was designed to be relevant to the congregations in our region. We hope it is also helpful to those in other parts of the world.

Colorado along with many other areas in the US and around the world is in a time of deepening drought.

News reports speak to us of mountains without snow, of rivers and reservoirs at record low levels, of wells going dry, of fields that won't produce a crop, and of forests that explode into raging fires. Our communities are feeling the impact of the drought in their economies, lifestyles, and their collective psyche.

These are stressful, exceptional times for many of us. To go about the life of the church without addressing the practical, ethical and spiritual issues raised by the drought suggests that the church is uncaring, or does not have a relevant message to offer. What can churches do and say in this time that is appropriate to our faith, and meaningful to our communities?

Your church's response will be shaped by your community how severely the drought has hit, and whether you are ministering to a rural area, a suburban community, or a central city. Your response will also be shaped by your denominational style and liturgical traditions. But all churches in drought-afflicted areas should be able to find many meaningful ways to address this crisis situation.

Eco-Justice Ministries offers these suggestions to help you consider ways that your church can provide relevant ministry in this time of drought. Another page on our website has a growing listing of additional resources on this theme to help you develop your programs.

We urge you to contact us by e-mail ( or phone (303-715-3873) and discuss other ways to make your ministry relevant to this time of drought, and to other environmental and social justice issues that are prominent in your community.


Essential first steps


Options for worship and liturgy


Issues for pastoral care


Options for community service


Themes to explore in sermons, classes, conversations or personal study

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