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Gift Contributions

The most meaningful gift given at Christmas, a birthday, or other occasion may not be a "thing" at all. A contribution given to a worthwhile agency in the name of a person we wish to honor is a wonderful way to express love and respect. It is a gift that makes a difference in the world.

A gift contribution to Eco-Justice Ministries affirms the values you share in seeking "the well-being of all humankind on a thriving Earth." For a relative, friend, colleague or pastor who is committed to ecological sustainability and social justice, your contribution supporting our work in that cause will be deeply appreciated.

When you make a gift contribution -- and tell us the names and addresses of the people you wish to honor -- we will send an attractive card announcing your gift.

You may make your contribution on-line through one of the two links below, or mail a check to Eco-Justice Ministries at 400 S Williams St, Denver, CO 80209. So that we can be effective in processing these gift contributions, we do ask that you donate at least $20 for each card that you ask us to send.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss special designations for your gift, please drop us a note or call us at 303-715-3873.

Your tax-deductable gift contribution will support the good work of Eco-Justice Ministries, and communicate your love to the people you honor.


On-Line Giving Options
In addition to making your on-line donation, please email us with the names and addresses for the gift cards.
Network for Good is an agency which specializes in on-line contributions for many non-profit agencies. They are only able to process credit cards from within the United States.

Network for Good will allow you to make a one-time donation, or schedule contributions on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

PayPal is a service (related to EBay) which can handle international credit card transactions.

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