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A Short Story About Silence

I spoke recently with a young woman about the work that Eco-Justice Ministries is doing with churches. We talked about the meaning of eco-justice, and how churches are including this perspective in their life and ministry.

She responded with both surprise and delight. Her brief comment spoke eloquently to me about the need for churches to speak up:

"I've always been involved in the church, and I've always cared deeply for the environment. But I never heard the church talk about the environment, so I thought I was wrong."
For whatever reason, the church has often been silent about the need to care for God's creation. Most churches recognize the need to speak and act about issues of human rights and social justice. We have not done as well in extending our concern beyond the human realm.

Our silence sends a powerful message. As the woman felt so clearly from her years of church life, silence speaks a loud message: This is not important! This is not even deserving of my interest and my attention.

Eco-Justice Ministries encourages you to break the silence in your church and your community. Let the folk around you know that concern for all of God's creation -- including the environment -- is an important part of the Christian faith.

Eco-Justice Ministries hopes that churches will affirm the need to care for all of God's creation in and through many parts of their programming and ministry. But an intial starting point is much simpler than that.

Simply saying or doing something will break a deafening silence. Saying something opens up space for a conversation.

Explore this website for ideas of how to speak and act. Contact Eco-Justice Ministries to talk over possibilities that are best suited to your setting. Please, don't be silent!

Peter Sawtell, Executive Director, Eco-Justice Ministries

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