Eco-Justice Ministries
   Eco-Justice: "the well-being of all humankind on a thriving Earth"

Quick Tips for Including Eco-Justice
In the Ministries of Your Church

"Tips" are tidbits of advice that are short, direct and practical.

Many of the resources on our website are long, philosophical, and deal with long-term strategy. (Yes, we know ... and we're proud of them!) We offer these four collections of "quick tips" for those who are looking for more immediate suggestions, and succinct ideas to stimulate church committees.

Tips and other bright ideas  

Eco-Justice Ministries is delighted when a church begins to bring a concern for all of God's creation into multiple parts of its ministry. These quick tips may help you get started. We hope you'll also explore some of our other resources as leaders of your church work more intentionally at developing your programs and witness.

After browsing through the Quick Tips, you may want to take a look at our congregational assessment tools or our collection of materials on Greening Your Church

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